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Kvashennikov Vladislav Valentinovich, Doctor of engineering sciences, senior staff scientist, Kaluga Research Institute of Telemechanical Devices (4 K. Marxa street, Kaluga, Russia), E-mail:
Shabanov Aleksandr Konstantinovich, Candidate of engineering sciences, deputy chief engineer for research and development, Kaluga Research Institute of Telemechanical Devices (4 K. Marxa street, Kaluga, Russia), E-mail:
Zaytsev Pavel Ivanovich, Deputy chief designer for systemic issues, Kaluga Research Institute of Telemechanical Devices (4 K. Marxa street, Kaluga, Russia), E-mail: 

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Background. The object of the study is commands of telecode management. The source of telecode management commands can be sensors of telemechanical systems, PC, officials. Telecode management commands are used to control airplanes and helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, aerial reconnaissance equipment, robotic systems, mobile vehicles, etc. The goal of this work is to build an effective compression code for telecode management commands, taking into account their structure and content, fast coding and recovery of commands by means of command database formed in advance on the transmitting and receiving sides.
Materials and methods. An effective compression coding method for telecode management commands is proposed, in which the fixed and variable parts of the commands are separately encoded to obtain codes for formalized commands. The permanent part of the command code using a database formed in advance. The index of commands of the telecode management and the coefficients of displacement and decimation are placed in the database of commands of the telecode management to normalize the variable part of the telecode management commands.
Results. The results of the simulation of compression and recovery of telecode management commands were obtained using the vocabulary method, the statistical Huffman algorithm method and the proposed coding methods using databases formed in advance.
Conclusions. The proposed efficient coding of telecode management commands provides the greatest compression of information. Reducing the amount of information transmitted decreases the probability of its distortion and increases the reliability of the transmission of commands of the telecode management. By monitoring the structure and contents of commands, the reliability and information security of commands are increased. 

Key words

telecode management, formalized messages, databases, command indices, authenticity and information security 

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